The Black Fund

I need to explain something we called the “Black Fund”. I despise to spend time counting for every expenses in the game, like hotel rooms, beers, tips, blackmail, ………. for me it’s just a big waste of time, I’m no accountant, I’m here to play not to count every cooper, silver and gold coins I spend.
So every time we find gold we share it between us, but usually the count is not spot on so we give each player the same share rounded down and the excess goes to the “Black Fund” and is used to pay for the expenses of the group. One important point is to remember the value of a single GP. It’s a lot of money so even with a few GP the players can live a decent life.

A little exemple:

At the end of the adventure the group manage to find 587 GP. There is 5 members in the group.

587/5 = 117,4 GP for each player……in theory but in fact each player will be given 115 GP and 12 GP goes to the “Black Fund”

Finally keep the fund blurry, you just need to know that it exist and that the characters don’t need to spend their money for food and hotel rooms and keep it for important stuff like gir………. hem I mean magic items, ……

The Black Fund

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